A very correct decision would be to transfer part of the salary to various special piggy bank accounts (it may be worth opening a deposit), such services are often offered by modern banks. You do not see this money and do not have it, so there is no temptation to spend it. Also an important condition for normal investment work will be the presence of ’NZ’. Those. money, covering your six-month expenses, the so-called ’stock for a rainy day.’ Each person may experience temporary difficulties, unpaid wages, illness or loss of work. It is important to have the means to lead a more or less familiar life for about six months great investments with little money. During this time, problems will be solved, and you do not have to pull out the invested money or go into a piggy bank for investment. We also recommend reading our gdeikakzarabotat.ru site article - where to get money for free. Before investing money, you should always start by increasing your own knowledge on this issue. Study concepts and terms in financial markets, find out what analyzes are applied to securities (technical or fundamental), find reliable sources of information on the Internet (perhaps books, diaries of private investors) and constantly refer to them. 14928
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