must contain must contain buy btc credit card. Thanks to our partners we can now re-introduce a popular app feature. Fund your Wirex currency account using a 3DS debit or credit card for instant exchange into Bitcoin and Litecoin at any time. The new feature is available throughout the EEA in the following countries: UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Bulgaria, Republic of Cyprus, Norway, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Denmark, Ireland, Slovenia, Hungary, Finland, Latvia, Slovakia, Estonia, Malta, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Iceland. Is it easy? Yes! Simply attach your card to your account inside the app, as seen below. Then place an order for how much money you want to convert into Bitcoin or Litecoin. Click the button and boom! The BTC/LTC transfer to your own unique crypto wallet account happens almost instantly. Yes! Far beyond normal industry standards. Wirex recently obtained PCI DSS certification, making us the leading hybrid personal finance provider in the industry today. 70305