The worldwide popularity of online stock trading is very simply explained by a number of undeniable advantages: 1. Accessibility. Thanks to popularization, brokerage services are carried out at very low tariffs, the purchase of shares has now become even more accessible. 2. Speed. Thanks to the Internet, you spend a lot less time collecting and analyzing a range of information, such as market conditions, enterprise performance, micro and macro economic condition of a country. And it became possible to buy a share and make a deal in a few mouse clicks. 3. Convenient. Internet and communications minimize time and significantly reduce the number of paper documents. 4. Unlimited possibilities. Your personal investment, in fact, as your own business, the success of which depends only on you. Choose the best online stock trading strategy for yourself and get started. Trading stocks also gives you the opportunity to choose the type of investment, whether short-term investments, medium-term, long-term, even high-frequency investments in one day, and much more. 13080