Founder and partner of Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompiano, in a conversation with CNBC this Monday, said that the Bitcoin rate could find a minimum of 85% below its historical maximum btc usd. Pompiano explained that he bases this forecast on his experience in the cryptocurrency sector. “85% of the current maximum is the point where everything ends. About $ 3,000. We approached it at the weekend, but you may have to go down a bit more,” he said. “Bitcoin was overvalued in December 2017. In this year, there were more sellers than buyers, so the price drops. But there are three things you should not forget. The first is a platform for making settlement transactions. This is the safest platform in the world. It should be worth something. It cannot cost nothing. The second is the most profitable asset class 10 years old. He walked around the S & P, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, etc. during the longest bull cycle, during which time it fell by 80% twice, but over the past 2 years it has grown by 400%. managed to reach the forces of retail investors, ’- added Pompiano. 58516